Studio 1200

The Studio 1200 Years

Frank teamed up with Paul MacDonald at Michael Morgan's Studio 1200 to create music for tv and radio. Projects included music for David Suzuki's radio show, many political campaigns and music/sound fx for political cartoonist Adrian Raeside's ventures (Studio B) with Sesame Street, N.Y.  The Urban Peasant theme was just one of many done at this time, perhaps the oddest being the theme for BCTV's "Pets & People" which was a strange kind of rap which substituted dog barks for vinyl record scratching. Again, I'll try to track down some video for your condemnation.

Pets and People

Flossee & Splatt Seesaw:  for true audio officianados, the sounds used to make Splatt walk started out as a horror sound fx known as eye gougue combined with a flatulence sound and then pitch altered as he takes various steps

Colonel Travel Goes to Canada

Colonel Travel Goes to New Zealand

Colonel Travel Goes to England

All these Sesame St. cartoons were amazingly labour come home after a 10 hour day of making bleeps and blops hardly seemed adult but was a lot of fun.

Go Higher

Go Around

Britannia Secondary School - visit by Bill Reiter..Paul & I were asked to supply an opening theme and to add to some songs from the day..our efforts were donated

The Michael Morgan Show
The Theme:

In the late 90's? Frank was hired to do versions of well-known songs which satirized events in the news. Although the productions had to be done "quick, cheap and nasty", this was the best job because I got to cover some great songs all the while unleashing my sarcastic side.  When there was an earthquake on the west coast, I got the call at 10:00 p.m. to have something for the show by 8:00 a.m. the next morning. I ended up singing the vocals (Whole lotta shakin' goin on and Shakin' all over)in the shower to get that tiled reverb sound and not wake up the whole house. My favourites include the "Bridge Under Construction" (Simon & Garfunkle) during the Ironworkers bridge refit, and Crying (Roy Orbison) for the release of former Premier Mike Harcourt's book.

When the station owner discovered that we weren't of the same political persuasion (ie. Rush Limbaugh) he tried to cancel our contract.  He actually locked us out of the station on our first day in the hopes that it would screw up our broadcast, only allowing us in a few minutes before air time.  Unfortunately for him (I'll track down the weasel's name and station later) Michael and his team were so professional and experienced that the 1st and succesive shows went on without a hitch.  The in-station personnel were great and always behaved professionally despite having a jerk for a station owner.  Eventually the contract ran out and he was able to turf us out.  After a brief hiatus, we got back on air at C-Fun until they changed direction some time later.

when Michael moved to CFUN - "talk with attitude

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