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l-r-Ron Foos, Randy, Chris Leighton, & Frank
  In late 1979, after leaving Trooper, Frank joined Randy Bachman (of the Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive fame & who had produced the first 5 Trooper albums) in his band Ironhorse. In 1980, the two combined to create the album "Everything is Grey" which contained the song penned by Randy and Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys: "What's Your Hurry Darling."  According to a post I recently saw it made it to #89 on the Billboard Top 100.

During Frank's time with Randy, there was always talk about a solo album to give an outlet for songs that didn't really fit the Union/Ironhorse mold or for which it was undecided as to what to do with them...they were never released but are included here for you to discover.

NEWSFLASH! JUNE 2013 Thanks to Brian Barry, former Frank Ludwig band manager and now actor/performing musician, I have been able to find a couple of missing songs recorded at Randy's Linden studio.  Unfortunately they are only tape demos on cassettes that are in the process of dying so there are some audible wobbles...but at least the songs are represented, including our version of Quiet Desperation which has Randy doing the solo, plus a repeat tag line in the chorus and some nice backing vocals.  There are enough songs now that I'm thinking of putting them all on iTunes under the title Later Than Never.  check the CD Showcase to see when it's up and running and available.

 Do Ya (Bachman/Ludwig)
This is perhaps my favourite of all the songs we co-wrote, so I am really  thrilled to finally find it.

BRAND NEW! (Bachman/Ludwig)
I had written the Little River Band inspired chorus pre-Trooper (I think) but Randy kick started the process adding
verse chords in the early Beatles Style

This shows the difference in production styles between Randy and what we ended up with on Trooper's Flying Colours..
I think it has a lot more edge and I really like the guitar work of course, and added turnaround hook and background ahs.


Interview: Name & Formation of Union

Following our departure from Scotti Bros Records, we were joined by Fred Turner of BTO and signed with Portrait, a division of CBS and re-named "Union"..I kind of preferred the BLT monicker which would have stood for Bachman, Ludwig, Turner and which would have represented the musical sandwich we were participating in.  I remember being impressed with how high Fred could sing with power. In retrospect, this album reveals how quickly we had tried to adapt once again, as there were clearly 3 different styles at work here.  Next Stop London was really meant to be on my solo album and doesn't fit with the other songs as far as I'm concertned.  I think the true potential we had sneaks through in moments like the last verse of Keep the Summer Alive, in which the 3 of us are all rockin' ala Sweet Home Alabama.  This song was clearly an homage to Carl Wilson especially in the breakdown.

Interview:-  Fred on the Formation of Union

Keep the Summer Alive (excerpt)