TV Themes and Commercials

Part 1 - Frank Ludwig TV Themes, Commercials etc,

Return To Antarctica - documentary currently in production

Silas Wright: Antarctica expedition

I recently reconnected with political cartoonist Adrian Raeside who was the animation genius in the work we did for Sesame Street . Adrian has published "Return To Antarctica" in which he retraced his grandfathers journey as part of the ill-fated Scott Expedition to the South Pole.  He is currently producing a documentary of the same name for which he has graciously allowed me to provide original music.  For more information, please visit Adrian's website:

Opening Theme: Return To Antarctica

Fix Patch & Sail - repairs in New Zealand before the final ocean leg

The Ice Cave


The Urban Peasant: long running cooking show

jamesbarber1     jamesbarber2
"Oh James" the Urban Peasant Theme (James Barber)

co-written with Paul MacDonald, the cooking show ran for years on C.B.C. James has since passed away but left a legacy which includes his many cookbooks.  The vocal version features internationally known jazz singer Dee Daniels

The instrumental version has solos by Dave Sinclair; guitar, Norm Quin; Flugel Horn; and Frank on keys

Jim Green had been the original producer on the Urban Peasant series.  He also did a show on dresage.  He asked me to write a Kur which is the music form for a dresage routine for horses. (like music for an Olympic skaters routine)  The tempos and lengths are prescribed.  This is a MIDI recording.


Kids Cook - this theme co-written with children's entertainer (??)___________ the show never made it past the pilot but I still think the concept was great as was the song.

Engineer Paul MacDonald and I wrote and produced a number of commercials and themes for radio and tv.

Arrow We're #1 - the trucking company

This next one was an excercise in writing:- trying to create a flowing melody for a long name..the lead vocalist has a nice almost Stevie Wonder quality to his voice

IWA & Community Credit Union

We also created a lot of music for Union Campaigns.

Say Union Yes: 2 versions

The Country version complete with slide guitar

The Rhythm & Blues version with Tom Colclough again on alto sax

Over the years Paul MacDonald & I wrote commercials for virtually every political party.  This one was for the BC NDP campaign.

Paul and I wrote a number of songs together: - as usual - Dave Sinclair on guitar

Faster Than the Speed of Love

What In The World

Hard Times

The following featured Dee Daniels on vocals - really the best part of the songs as I was being dragged kicking and screaming to create dance songs with Paul..although I like the first of the three...egotistically maybe it's more Ludwigy? than the others

You Captured My Imagination

Dance Alone

One on One

Around the time I was working on the Janice Lozano cd (see Artists, I was approached about making some easy-listening music..After I said yes, I was advised that I needed to present demos of some songs by the next day...I wrote 3 songs in about 3 hours..

At Water's Edge

Another production company hired me as vocalist for the following commercial:

Telus: One Hit Wonder

designed to discourage music piracy, this spot had an aging rock star (sung by old 1-hit wonder, me) complaining about not being able to keep up the extravagant life-style he had grown acustomed to.. I never got that rich but had fun doing the spot..