Body Electric

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Frank teamed up with Dave Sinclair (guitar) and Bob Buckley (keyboards) to create the group titled album, "Body Electric" on Attic records.  Although the song "Somewhere in Time" got immediate airply accross Canada, it failed to get high up the charts.  We actually had more success with our first video for the song "Stop The Music" which played on Much Music for almost a year (back when Much Music actually played music).  Considering we spent less than $ 1,500.00 on it, I still think this is impressive.  If you look carefully you can see when 1 of only 2 lights we had broke and the whole video gets darker.  Again, it unfortunately didn't help with sales or radio play.

Stop The Music

The More Things Change - from a CBC appearance - This was early on as we had Marc LaFrance on drums.  He was also a co-writer on Don't Take Me For a Fool.

Don't Take Me For a Fool - Live TV Premiere - with interview  - now with Ken Chalmers on drums & Kelly Cook on bass

Judy's In Her Room - live tv appearance with partial interview.  I like the fact that the ending is different than the record which lets everyone know it's live and that we really can play. 

You Can't Take It With You

It's Gonna Hurt

Frank Ludwig sings Standards

Around the same time as Body Electric, I was asked by local arranger/producer Terry Frewer, who I had known since the UBC music days and from commercial sessions he was producing, to appear on a show called Music, Music, Music which had people singing in a style that they were'nt normally associated with...While kind of terrifying, it was a lot of fun...It was filmed live with live band so any flaws would have been immortalized.

Takin' a Chance On Love

I Remember You