String Fever Method Book

String Fever Method Book (downloadable pdf version - $ 3.00 U.S.)

A comprehensive method suitable for beginners of all ages in a private or classroom setting.  Available for violin, viola, cello, and string bass, the Method Book includes 130 songs in mp3 format free with digital download, or 2 cd's with hardcopy purchases. These assist and inspire practice and ensure that the student has a consistent pitch reference as well as an accurate tempo to follow.

Each purchase will allow enough downloads so that students/teachers can have copies on their phones, i-Pads, etc. and a printable version.

In the classroom setting teachers can use the mp3's/CD's or the additionally available MIDI disks With a computer playback system to provide an enjoyable class work regimen in which the teacher is free to move around the classroom assisting individual students or adjusting instruments.

The results are astounding! In less than a year, Secondary students who have progressed through the method book and Fever I have been enabled to play at a level comparable to students who have had over three years of private lessons. Elementary students may take 2 school years to reach this level. With the help of a private teacher using this method, students progress even faster.

The String Fever Method Book starts at a beginner level and progresses to include concepts normally taught to senior Jazz Band students (ie. improvisation).

Scope and Sequence

mp3's 1-63/CD # 1 Students begin plucking open strings, then notes, in “guitar” position. After learning basic notes on two strings, they are given theory basics. Students then review the learned pieces using notation instead of note names. Only after they have played 41 songs do they start with the bow. In classroom settings, this prevents a lot of damage and also ensures that students are comfortable with note reading and position on the instrument before tackling the additional concept of proper bow use. At this point students repeat all the songs previously learned using the bow. (Exercise 1 is a great bowing exercise anytime students are not using full bows). Only after reviewing all 41 songs do students advance to new concepts which include slurs, new notes, and low finger positions and G string notes.


2     Parts & Care of the Violin          (Viola/Cello/String Bass)

16   More Songs – A String (CD #14-17)

3     Left Hand Position (Guitar)

17   More Songs, Cut Time (CD #18-21)

3     Right Hand Position (pizzicato)

18   More Songs – (CD #22-25)

3     The Four Strings (tuning)

19   (26 & 27) + The “D” Scale (28-29)

4     Open Strings Exercise (CD #1)

20   More A & D songs (CD #30-32)

4     Notes on the A String (CD #1-3)

21   Eighth Notes, 6/8 (CD #33-37)

5     4 songs on the A String (CD #4-7)

22   C & F Natural (CD #38-41)

6     The D String (CD #8-11)

23   Holding the Violin (reg. position)

7     Reading Music:  THE STAFF

24   The Bow:  Use and Care

8     Reading Music:  TIME

25   The Bow continued

9     Dotted Notes and Rests

26   Tuning

10   Reading Music:  SHARPS & FLATS

27   More Songs (CD #42-43)

11   Reading Music:  KEY SIGNATURES

28   Slurs (CD #44-48)

12   Reading the Notes (CD #2-5)

29   The G String & Scale (CD #49-53)

13   Reading the Notes (CD #6-7 & 2-4)

30   More Songs (CD #54-57)

14   Reading the Notes (CD #5-9)

31   Dynamics (CD #58-60)

15   Songs on the A String (CD #10-13)

32   More Songs (CD #61-63)

mp3's #65-131/CD # 2   Violin students now learn notes on the E string followed by low 4th position notes, dotted rhythms etc. By song # 44, violins are introduced to third position. On page 48 students learn concepts related to degrees of the scale and intervals which lead to playing duets, units on swing rhythms, syncopation, and finally improvisation.

Method Book songs include a variety of accompaniments both for interest and also to expose students to a variety of music styles and textures.  Orchestration changes on repeats to create more interest and greater understanding of how texture can be varied with any given melody.

All String Fever books have laminated covers for durability and a coil binding which allows the book to lie flat on the music stand.

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