Janice Lozano

Janice Lozano - "Chameleon" - I'm currently re-mastering a collection of songs I wrote for this singer who had been brought to me by representatives of a small local label who thought she was ready for the "next level". At age 16 she had the power of Tina Turner and the smoothness of Whitney Houston..Although originally commissioned to create computer-based tracks.the project had such great potential that I started replacing the MIDI tracks with real musicians. A ridiculous number of years has gone by but today's web sharing will hopefully allow these songs and Janices voice to be heard. Janice continues to perform locally and I hope to be able to facilitate her recognition as a singer.

Janice is better known within the Philipino Community for her singing and is the host for a recently launched new tv show called Pinoy Buzz Vancouver.

My Friend Roxie. I consider this song about teenage suicide to be one of the best I have ever written, partly because of its simplicity but also because of its message