Songwriting Addendum

I recently found some very primitive song demos which I'm adding here for any interested songwriters to compare how things start out and how they sometimes end up after all the real instruments get added.

These songs were recorded at friend Frank Campbell's garage studio on his upright piano.  The lead vocal was overdubbed as were synth/elka-rhapsody stiring ensemble parts to give the impression of a band and show where the solos would go. It was a Roland SH1000 which was pretty wheedley but all I could afford. I would have liked to have a Mini-Moog.

Waitin' on Your Love
This song made it onto the "Knock 'em Dead" Trooper album.
This was the genesis version with 2 more lines in the Save some time...section.

Back Home To You
This became "Back To You" on the Trooper "Flying Colors" album.
It has different chords in the bridge and chorus and additional verse lyrics.  The intro figure is also embellished instead of just vamping the chords.

the Trooper pre-production rehearsal - with Tommy Doni and Brian  I didn't have the last line of the choruses worked out lyrically

Something To Believe In
I think this must have been around the time of "Let It Be"

the Trooper pre-production rehearsal tape:

Walkin' aka Long Distance
Recorded for the Trooper Flying Colors album but didn't make it onto the album
pre-production rehearsal tape with Tommy Doni and Brian

Won't You Join Me
This became "Invitation" on the Union album "On Strike."
Instead of being an invitation for dinner it became an invitation to the audience..
Lyrically I like that better but like that this version wasn't just screaming.

Mr. Big
Trooper pre-production rehearsal tape with Tommy Doni and Brian..
At least In this you can hear the ascending chords on the guitar..Producer Howard Steele pretty much killed them along with other things.

Quiet Desperation
Trooper pre-production rehearsal tape with Tommy Doni and Brian.  This has the original lyrics which clearly weren't finished.  I like that this had a solo guitar in progress which would have been vintage Trooper but Howard killed that idea along with the really good string arrangement.  To curry favour he had Toto's keyboard player replace it with a standard string patch with held chords.  He also replaced a perfectly good solo by Smitty in another song with a Steve Lukither (also of Toto) just to "make friends"  This was part of his process of devouring our budget and attempting to put cash in other people's hands.

You Ain't Foolin Nobody
pre-production reheasal tape with Tommy Doni and Brian  I kind of like the funky slow tempo and Doni's bass in the bridge.

Where Do You Go (When It's Over)
Song didn't make it onto Flying Colors.  Was recorded with Randy Bachman (see Frank solo? album under Ironhorse)

Trooper pre-production rehearsal tape with Tommy Doni and Brian

All Dressed Up (Nowhere To Go)
In this one you can hear (especially the solo) the influence of "Old Man River".  Self Protrait had done a kind of Vanilla Fudge treatment of OMR which went over well.  The song was pretty close to the truth financially.  When I moved from the trio Self Portrait to the 5 man Crosstown Bus manager Bruce Allen didn't think it was fair to give me a pay cut so gave the Bus a pay increase from $ 50.00 per week to the $ 75.00 that I'd made in Portrait.  It certainly made my arrival more appreciated.  Needless to say even at this lofty payscale holidays were out of the question.

The next bunch of songs are pretty weak and very sappy but the times were generally less in your face than now..Remember the theme to Greatest American Hero?  They might have worked in a musical as they definitely wern't rock and roll...or maybe they just belong in the wastebasket.  I've included them here as reflective of the writing process which isn't always successful.  Hopefully you'll find something useful endearing or laughable in them

Had You Noticed Your Shadow
Another melodic offering

So Long Kind Friend
Terrible title but had some bits which worked their way into better songs. I think Frank C. sang the harmonies on this song.

Someone Like You
pretty sappy - I think some of the lines made their way into First Love Last Love but that one also has sappy lyrics...yuck...if you're going to plagarise yourself you'd be well advised to pick better parts.

Lavender Lady
Really sappy lyrics but I like the circle of 4ths in 3/4 time..remember the days when not everything was in 4? (admitting this is an acknowlegement of old age)

Show The People You Care
pretty hoakey but full of good intentions - I think the Gospel feel had potential