Lee-Sun Clark

Lee-Sun Clark - pop

quirky songs by pianist/singer/songwriter Lee-Sun Clark - now residing in England

Lee-Sun has released an EP and a full length cd containing many of the songs we recorded first here in Canada.  The fact that she didn't include them must mean she wasn't happy with the results, or fell in with a new crowd who managed to convince her that these recordings had too much hit potential.   Irrespective, I think she is a very talented writer and you can be the judge by buying her cd's and comparing and then commenting.  (good trick to get you to buy her songs, eh?)  - and now I feel free to add some more of her Canadian recordings...one thing I do note, is that there aren't strong backing vocals on her cd's...maybe that's what she didn't like...how about it, Lee-Sun?...plus, most of her new recordings have the equivalent of dx7 rhodes keyboards sounds on them....maybe my grand piano was too piano-ish or not 70's enough....but she did the playing, on our recordings, in contrast with her England recordings...again, I suspect someone wanting to feather their own nest.....but I'm not bitter, just sad.

Pretty Good View (excerpt)

As A Child (excerpt)

A Lee Sun Video

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