Radio Spoofs

These were often political-based satires inspired by the news or guests on the Michael Morgan radio shows.

Crying (Orbison) - on the release of former B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt's book "A Measure of Defiance."  He responded to it with good humour.

You Won't See Her - In 1995, Alexa McDonough became leader of the Federal N.D.P. but was largely ignored by the mainstream media despite her qualifications.  This was submitted sympathetically and was a chance to do a great Beatles tune

I Can See Clearly Now - in the -90's developers were clearcutting lots on the west-side of Vancouver and erecting Mega Houses which covered the entire lots.  In the process, a lot of beautiful old trees and neighbourhoods were changed irreparably - the Jimmy Cliff song

Your House - surprise! this is non the 90's they built houses that were so energy efficient that no fresh air got in, making them very dangerous as pointed out by the days radio guest - per Our House by Crosby, Stills, & Nash..I think pre- Young

Give Me a Bailout for My Aeroplane - just like the banks today, our already subsidized "National" airline wanted more money - per the Boxtops & Joe Cocker's version of The Letter

Where Do Ex-Prime Ministers Go? - Despite an unprecedented blowout in the election, Kim Campbell landed on her cushion quite nicely...Isn't it wonderful how politics rewards incompetence?....The Whitney Housten ballad

Take Me Out to the Spitoon - America's National Pastime featured Roberto Alimar spitting on an umpire and getting away with it.   This was one of 2 satires that didn't air - I guess the radio station was afraid of losing a sponsor or maybe getting hit with a bat..maybe it was the use of the word crotch....anyway, it's always nice when rich athletes (& pop stars) model such great behaviour for young people

Mr. Happy (Condomania).  In an attempt to reduce teenage pregnancies, some genius decided to make a cute little character to sell condom use.   Unfortunately, they confused teenagers with toddlers in their ad campaign - leading to some upset parents but helping the world supply of water balloons. - to B.S.&T's Spinning Wheel

If (You Lose a Kidney to a Kick) - this is the 2nd song that never aired, assumedly because "they" thought it was too mean spirited.   An island goon tried to make $ 200.00 in an illegal backroom kickbox fight.  In the process his kidney was destroyed.   The sad part was that when asked if he would have done it again knowing what he knew now, he didn't seem to be concerned that the taxpayer would have to pay for his dialysis for life, but rather that the promotor had stiffed him for the $200.00...I thought this level of genius deserved an especially tender ballad and kind thougnts as espoused in this satire - Bread song

(Conrad) "Black is the Colour" - about media monopolization ala Arlo Guthrie/Dylan - subsequently Conrad has had his methods of doing business catch up with him

No More Bongos - about Victoria B.C. considering banning bongo players from the harbourfront tourist area

A comment on the commercialization of Christmas Joy To The Mall

Bridge Under Construction - work on the Ironworkers Memorial bridge had the North shore commuters in a tizzy

We took shots at all parties equally although some "got it" better or more than others

It's Not Easy Being Green (The Party, that is)

If I Only Had A Brain (from the Wizard of Oz)

Campaign advisors had now Premier Campbell wear a flannel shirt when he visited the "working North" which backfired because he is more "Bay St."  I wonder if this song is why my studio was audited within 2 months of the Liberal election win..Gordon was not amused!

,..or perhaps it was this one, made famous by Sammy Davis - inspired by a publicity stunt involving a dump truck and loonies

You Can't Do That (Beatles).  a shot at how the NDP had lost the trust of many but were still expected to get a 2nd term because of the disarray of the right

How Long/Here For a Long Time - when the Liberals lost again there was speculation that Campbell was a fair weather politician and would leave.  Ironically he has just resigned as Premier in 2010 after years in office.

Another Day Older NDPer in Debt

and when the Liberals took over: It's My Party

Some More non politician stuff:

Dr Laura (ala Robert Palmer) - relationship includes her catch phrases

Shakin' All Over/Whole Lot of Shakin' goin on (Guess Who/Jerry Lee Lewis) - we had a mild quake off the west coast which reminded us B.C. types whose fault everything is