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The String Fever Series consists of the Method Book (yellow), String Fever I (blue) & String Fever II (red).

Each book in the series is available for violin, viola, cello and string bass. 

A piano accompaniment book is also available for the red and blue books.

Fever I and II books each have 1 accompaniment cd.
The books contain two versions of each song: 1 with the melody and 1 with an ensemble or harmony part.

The Method book contains 2 cd's with 130 short songs. The book is designed for beginners but is extensive enough to replace 2 levels of books in other series.

Fever I contains 16 songs at a beginning to junior level.  Half of the songs are Christmas songs designed to enable beginners who start in September at school, to be ready for that first Winter Concert.

Fever II contains 17 songs that range from junior to intermediate level

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String Fever Series