String Fever Book I

String Fever is designed to allow all players to perform the melody along with the accompaniments. Players may also choose to play the additional non-melody parts which are available for some of the songs. Melody parts for cello and string bass have been altered slightly in a few cases for the sake of beginning players.

String Fever is designed to be accessible for new players but can also serve as a warm-up for more senior players. Students are encouraged to improvise on songs such as Bluestrings and Beyond Hope.

String Fever facilitates performing for families and friends while having the support of the "band/orchestra." You can practice as part of the ensemble.

String Fever develops listening skills and can serve to promote discussion on orchestration. For example the warm-up song Turning up the Heat repeats its melodic pattern in different keys, but the feel of the song changes as the accompanying chords and instruments change. What sounds do you hear?

String Fever can be performed using the CD (pan slightly more to the right during concert to turn down the melody violin) or with the available accompaniment parts and scores.

String Fever can be performed with everyone together on the melody, in alternating sections or, on many songs, in full 4 and 5 part harmony.

Designed to improve basic skills.

Introduces the ear to a variety of styles and textures.

Will have your foot tapping.

String Fever will help you perform songs for your friends and family!

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1. Turning' Up The Heat Warmup