Talk TO me, not AT me (Lyrics)


Sometimes, I feel more alone
when you're beside me
The love that once was so clear
now is denied me

seems to me it wasn't always this way
seems to me we we had something to say
you would talk to me (3x)
Please Talk to Me!

When you talk TO me
You just talk AT me
When you talk AT me
It's easy to see
you don't wanna talk
really talk to me, you wanna
talk- talk, talk talk at me

What we have here
is a failure to communicate

Sometimes you're really not there
though you're beside me
Those times I know by that stare
There's nothing you'll provide me

seems to me something else is at play
seems so wrong at the end of the day
you don't talk to me
You just, talk-talk, talk-talk AT me, yeh!

When you talk.... you wanna
talk-talk, talk-talk, talk-talk
Please talk to me
Oh I'm listening Babe
I'm listening to you now
Please talk to me

Talk-talk, talk-talk, talk to me (3 x)
talk, talk, talk, talk, talk's for you
let's dial it back a bit

seems to me it wasn't always this way....