String Fever Book II

Is designed to follow String Fever I in degree of difficulty.  
In a number of selections, Violin 2 has the melody & Violin 1 acts as a descant

Westbound Express - Get on board the early morning commuter train. Discover the hidden melody as you arrive at the Central Station. Keep moving or you'll be late!

Early Morning Soap Opera - Stretch your digits with this television theme.

Safari-So-Good - A funky trek across a Middle Eastern desert.

Love Song - From the mythical movie of the same name.

High Drama - There are a million music stories in the big city. This is one of them.

Sakura Lullaby - A Japanese lullaby set under the Cherry Blossom tree.

Palapala - Off to South America where the pan flute and guitar provide much of the musical flavour.

Race Rocks Castaway - This Sea Chanty lands you on the rocks off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada).

Jasmine - Returning across the Pacific Ocean to China and the famous Jasmine Flower.

Cowboy Square Dance - Saddle up and ride to the heart of the American Old West for this fiddle tune.

Cape Breton Summer - In the Maritimes of Eastern Canada, the Scottish heritage is still apparent.

The Robson Street Stroll - Take a swing down Vancouver's most trendy and fascinating street of shops and restaurants.

Kun-Kang - The mountains separating North and South Korea are used as an image representing the political barrier separating loved ones.

Chanukah Lullaby - A child dreams of the approach of Chanukah. Can you hear any other famous melodies?

Cathedral Grove - Named for a famous stand of tall, old trees near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, this medley combines three chime carols.

Christmas Trilogy - The similarities of mode found in this Gregorian Chant, the Huron Carol, and an English traditional carol are used to interweave the three melodies.

O Come All Ye Faithful - The seasonal music section (#s 15-17) concludes with this syncopated version of the traditional carol. Seasons Greetings!

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String Fever Book 2

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