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l-r-Ron Foos, Randy, Chris Leighton, & Frank
  In late 1979, after leaving Trooper, Frank joined Randy Bachman (of the Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive fame & who had produced the first 5 Trooper albums) in his band Ironhorse. In 1980, the two combined to create the album "Everything is Grey" which contained the song penned by Randy and Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys: "What's Your Hurry Darling."  According to a post I recently saw it made it to #89 on the Billboard Top 100.


It also contained "Hurting Inside" which was a tribute to Roy Orbison and which Randy cites as one of his favourite all time songs in his book titled "Takin' Care of Business." As with all the songs on this album, Frank provided most of the lead vocals and all keyboards.  Randy truly is an amazing guitarist and I enjoyed every moment of our music collaborations.  He loved to play Chet Atkins licks and while being well versed in a variety of styles, always manages to put his own signature on what he was playing.

I'm Hurtin' Inside
3:57 min


This is the only way to Fly was my commentary on being your own person

When the Symphony is Over deals with the fleeting nature of fame

Playing that Same Old Song With the background harmonies, I was trying to emulate female vocals

somebody removed the video..apparently people can steal music on the internet, but the artist who made the songs can't put it on their website...crazy world out there!....I'll go looking or put an mp3 clip up later...

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