Bobble-Head Doll (I want a)

Bobble-Head Doll (I want a) Bobble-Head Doll (I want a)

Buck 'n The Trends - The "Legend"

Originally formed as a Polka band in the Disco era, the Trends decided to re-invent themselves as a Doo-Wop vocal group in the Techno 80’s.  At the turn of the century, upon seeing the movie Amadeus for the first time, they were inspired to become a Country & Western group.  It was at this time that they penned the single “My dog just died, why won’t you.”  It failed to gain traction but still remains a favourite among band members.

Now, with rap and hip-hop being so mainstream, they have teamed up with songwriter Frank (Buck) Ludwig from the Legendary 70’s Rock band Trooper, to record a song inspired by their hero Rob Ford.

Sidebar: Buck briefly left The Trends to try and land a job with Biff Naked, primarily because he wanted to be known as Buck Naked, a position he had held for years.

Band Members:

Buck: Lead Singer/kazoo 

Brock: bass guitar/zither

Bert: Lead Guitar/theremin

Bart: Drums

Bjork*: keyboards/Gaelic harp

*Bjork was known as Bink up until the “accident”

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