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Bobble-Head Doll (I want a) Bobble-Head Doll (I want a) Round, Round We Bobble promo Round, Round We Bobble promo
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From the Trooper Reunion Concert..thanks Craig McDowell for all your work!..more from that concert in the Trooper section of the Time Capsule and the Video Gallery.

 6. Time Zone Store: to, you guessed it, support the Artist.  Remember, a real cd, has real audio quality, art, info, pix, etc, that you don't get in the digital domain...but if you like, the CD Showcase has direct links to iTunes.  Plus: analog t-shirts clocks etc!

7. The String Fever Series: method & song books for string players - with cd accompaniments - listen to mp3 tracks

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              includes the blog: Principal, What Principles? Tales out of school--add your stories

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Quantum Sound Recording Studio:  Frank's studio, equipment specs. etc. 

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