I Want a Bobble Head-Doll

Performed by the "Legendary" Buck 'n The Trends

Make your mark.  Take a stand.
Volunteers needed, better raise your hand
Nothing undertaken ‘less you take it on the chin
Gotta keep on fightin’ if you really wanna win
But if the cookie crumbles and your back’s against the wall
You gotta keep on laughin’ if you wanna break your fall
You try to live a life that’d make your Mom & Dad proud
You gotta keep perspective, better shout it out loud

I wanna bobble-head doll (repeat)

I’ll have a head that wobbles and a neck that’s on a spring
and when you start to wobble it, it makes me kinda swing (wah!)

Some folk like to worry, some folk like to care

I just wanna head that wobbles in the air

Start out wrapped in plastic in a cardboard box

Put me on the mantel top and watch me start to rock

It’s my bobble-head doll
I wanna bobble head doll

I may do nothin’ famous that you might all recall

but i'm gonna have my very own bobble-headed doll

You can see it on tv or wobble-bobble in the mall
I’m gonna have my very own bobble-head doll

Baseball batters bobble,   basketball too

Hockey heads’l bobble,  why not me and you?
I’ve seen a football bobble - tennis bobble too
Every hero bobbles, & so can you

We all want a bobble head doll
We all need a bobble head doll
We all want a bobble head doll
Gimme please, a bobble bobble head doll

I’ll have a special day at a sold out hall
cuz every one is there to get my bobble-head doll
They’ll be laughin’ and a cheerin’ but maybe most of all
they’ll  be lining up to buy my brand new bobble head doll

No matter if life’s scorecard is win or lose it all
I’ll be buried in my grave with my bobble head doll

It’s my bobble head doll

We all want a bobble head doll

bobble, bobble, toil & trobble (it’s no trouble)

composed by Frank Ludwig

all rights per Frank Talk Publishing  Ltd. – Socan

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