Welcome to The String Fever Series


Welcome to String Fever!

String Fever is a comprehensive method for beginning and developing string players of all ages. 

Available for violin, viola, cello, and string bass.

First in the String Fever series is the Method Book with 130 songs and 2 accompaniment CDs. The concepts in the Method Book are applicable to first time beginners and extend to advanced concepts such as improvisation and advanced bow techniques.  The comprehensive Method Book replaces levels 1, 2 and 3 in other products. 

String Fever I and String Fever II are additional collections of melodies and ensemble parts for 24 songs.

String Fever is perfect for the classroom but is equally effective as a tool for individual study.  On your own or with the orchestra, String Fever is a terrific way to learn to play strings.

* Conductor's score, piano accompaniment parts, and MIDI stream file accompaniment disks also available.

String Fever Audio Download

String Fever teachers and students!

Click Here to download the entire method book CD 1 (75.3 Mb - 64 Mp3 files/songs)

Click Here to download the entire method book CD 2 (87.1 Mb - 68 Mp3 files/songs)

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