Bobble-Head Doll (I Want A)


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Bobble-Head Doll (I Want A) Audio Track

Newsflash: As the song hopes for,  immortality is attainable.   Many thanks to Miles Chu at custombobble.com who is making a Frank Ludwig doll and in the New Year one for each of the members of Buck 'n The Trends...You too can have one!  ..look for the concert video in the Spring! 


Buck 'n The Trends - The "Legend"

Originally formed as a Polka band in the Disco era, the Trends decided to re-invent themselves as a Doo-Wop vocal group in the Techno 80’s.  At the turn of the century, upon seeing the movie Amadeus for the first time, they were inspired to become a Country & Western group.  It was at this time that they penned the single “My dog just died, why won’t you.”  It failed to gain traction but still remains a favourite among band members.

Now, with rap and hip-hop being so mainstream, they have teamed up with songwriter Frank (Buck) Ludwig from the Legendary 70’s Rock band Trooper, to record a song inspired by their hero Rob Ford.

Sidebar: Buck briefly left The Trends to try and land a job with Biff Naked, primarily because he wanted to be known as Buck Naked, a position he had held for years.

Band Members:

Buck: Lead Singer/kazoo 

Brock: bass guitar/zither

Bert: Lead Guitar/theremin

Bart: Drums

Bjork*: keyboards/Gaelic harp

*Bjork was known as Bink up until the “accident”


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