You Ain't Foolin' Nobody

This is an older song which was initially recorded by Trooper.  We had recorded the tracks in Edmonton.  When we got to Florida for the mix, the Engineer who was hearing the songs for the first time, thought this song would be the first single.  It never made it onto the album because of internal band politics.  It’s about betrayal, referring in one verse to Delilah as the prime example of treachery.

You Ain't Foolin' Nobody
(Frank Ludwig)
3:56 min

Hey there, great contriver
Cookin’ up your brew
You served me on a platter
For everyone to view
The table’s turned
‘Cause all along I knew

Hey there, great conniver
Caught in your own web
Samson had his Delilah
But I got you instead
The table’s turned
‘Cause all along I knew

You ain’t foolin’ nobody
So don’t come cryin’ ‘round my back door
I’ve heard all of your lies before
You ain’t foolin’ nobody anymore

Hey there, great conspirer
You can play the part
But I’ll be the sole survivor
In your trail of broken hearts
The tables turned
‘Cause all along I knew
You’re in for hard schoolin’
‘Cause somehow you can’t see
The only one that you’ve been foolin’
Is yourself, it sure ain’t me

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