No Desire

Television seems to tell us that we have to be face-book heroes vying for 5 seconds of fame or have the ability to leap tall buildings to have self worth.  This song speaks of finding your hearts desire in the simple things and a solid relationship.  Because it is a travelogue in subject matter, I blended different ethnic instruments to give it a world music feel.  The drums at the beginning are actual Eastern Indian Raga patterns juxtaposed with Koto, Shakuhachi and Sitar sounds..  There is a brief piano lick after “wish upon a star” that for some reason makes me think of the song Walk in the Black Forest’…Again, Tom does great alto sax work

No Desire
(Frank Ludwig)
4:00 min

I have no desire to climb the highest mountain
I have no desire to navigate the sea
All that I desire is to have you here beside me

I don’t need to walk on fire or frozen wasteland
I don’t need to drive the latest racing car
All that I desire is to have you here beside me
And to love

Life’s simple pleasures
The best in life are free
Hold all the treasure
For a gentle soul like me
Love in good measure
To last eternity
It’s the fire I desire, it’s you and me

I have never been to the Great Wall of China
I don’t need to find the Seven Wonders of the World
All that I believe is wrapped up here inside me
And it’s love, to be loved

I have never seen the Taj Mahal in summer
I don’t need to ever wish upon a star
All that I desire is to have you here beside me
And to be loved, and love

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