(In the) Cool of the Evening

This song started as a theme for a television variety show which never got off the ground.  It stuck around and I eventually added the bridge to give it more length for a complete song.  Tom Colclough was in studio to do a track on a commercial.   When he did it in one take, I thanked him and told him we were done.   He complained, I’m just getting warmed up”, so I said I’ve got a song that needs a solo…”It’s in B.  Just noodle til I point at you for the solo”  I did & he did and in 1 take he played this incredible track which ends on a super high note and then with sheer lip power, he bends it up a 5th…that’s music speak for “holy mackerel!  I can’t think of a better solo.

(In The) Cool of the Evening
(Frank Ludwig)
3:39 min

Everyone has their worries
Sometimes it’s hard to go on
And just when you wanna cry like a baby
That’s when you need to be strong

Hey don’t you worry
(Hey what’s your hurry)
Slow down and you’ll be o.k.

In the cool of the evening
That’s when the music will play
In the cool of the evening
Gonna chase all your troubles away
In the cool of the evening
Gotta let yourself go
If you let yourself drift away
You might discover tomorrow’s a better day

Life’s like the ocean
Carry you where you don’t know
Don’t fight the current
Go with the flow
You just might end up where you want to go

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