Humour Me

A song bout a sad sack who has been dumped but prefers to live in denial.  I think it has a feel that is a cross between “Lean on Me” and a Sarah McLachlin ballad.but with my typically funky verses.  When Ray came in to do the “Baroque” piccolo trumpet solo which is reminiscent of “Penny Lane”, he looked at the chart and said, “are you aware that this is the lowest note a piccolo trumpet can play?”  I said, “yes”, unsympathetically.  He looked a little further and said “are you aware that this (pointing at the high note) is the highest note and this is only an 8 bar solo”.. I laughed, “and said yes.  I was enjoying challenging a fine member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  I think he did a great job!

Humour Me
(Frank Ludwig)
4:00 min

Give me one more kiss
Tell me one more lie
You can go your own way
But just don’t say goodbye
Let me pretend
That it’s not the end
Hold me again. Just humour me

You used to say that you thought I was funny
The way you smiled at me was
sweeter than honey
Now if I could I’d spend all of my money
To have you laughin’ again

Give me one more kiss….
Humour me (echo) let me pretend (believe)
I still have you near
Humour me (echo)
Tell me things I want to hear

We used to be the life of the party
I guess your Chaplin
don’t need our Laurel and Hardy
Break up this act, it’s not all that smart, eh
I thought we would make history

What are you doing? I’m not misconstruin’
Your intentions are as clear
as the light of the day
Don’t be denying, inside I am dyin’
Even condemned men get one last request
Give me one last kiss…….

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