Don't Come Crying

This song is just plain nasty - An older song written as I was planning to leave Trooper, it just goes to show that one can be in the #1 (at the time) band in the country and still be truly miserable. Musically it was inspired by Warren Zevon who could be so deliciously bitter.  I think at one time or another we’ve all dreamed about telling our bosses or compatriots how we feel in our moments of despair or frustration.  At the time, our Producer Howard Steele seemed more interested in having the band watch old war movies than actually get the album (Flying Colors) finished.  We ended up way over budget, were away from home, and bickering over who would get their songs on the album.  I was able to go into the studio and write this song between the sinking of the Bismark and the Normandy Invasion. (or was it the attack on Pearl Harbour? After-all, I wasn’t in the war theatre, but was in the studio).  I’ve harboured the resentment (kept the song around) ever since.  It’s cathartic to record your feelings.

Don't Come Cryin'
(Frank Ludwig)
3:54 min

Surprised to see me? You thought I was dead!
Once more your nemesis
has reared its ugly head
You don’t deceive me with all of your lies.
The wrong you’ve done me has always survived.

You were always so critical of me,
Trumped up and puffed up in what you believed
Now you’re falling down
for the whole world to see
Don’t come crawling, crying to me

Don’t come crying
What has happened is supposed to be
Don’t, don’t come crying
You were always a loser to me

Knocked me around
but you never knocked me out
Try to submerge me, I’ll only scream and shout
My star is rising, yours fell from the sky
You wrote my epitaph, but are the first to
You were always so critical of me….

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