'Cuz I Feel Like It!

Lack of impulse control or flair for life?  As a child you don’t think about the work for others involved in doing laundry, cleaning up the muddy footprints you tracked through the kitchen - and it’s a given that your parents will make hot chocolate when you’ve been out weathering the elements.  Later,  as a young “adult” you can make bad life decisions without slowing to think of the effects on others, especially if it feeds your ego.  So now, too soon old, too late schmart!…However, at this point it’s o.k. that you still have some youthful zest in you and are still willing to take chances and value each day.  Within the frame of responsibility, you can still take on the world, ‘cuz you feel like it!

'Cuz I Feel Like It
(Frank Ludwig)
4:17 min

Remember when as little kids,

walkin’ home from school
Ya could’a gone the short way home
but the playground looked so cool
‘Cuz it rained so hard those Autumn days,
the grass had turned to mush
And you just had to jump and splash,
why be in such a rush?

When you finally did arrive at home,
all muck from head to toe,
Mama looked you in the eye, said,
“those filthy clothes have surely gotta go”
Later as the chocolate had warmed you
through and through
She asked with just a hint of sadness,
“Why do you do the things you do,

why do you do the things you do?”
Because I feel like it
No reason, rhyme, or need to quit
I do these things I do
Because I feel like it

Remember as a young man,
I used to stay out late
If no-one knew, no-one was hurt,
the rules were there to break
I could’a smoked, or popped a pill,
as long as it felt great
Let the chips fall where they may, you say,
I could hardly wait,
No love, no fear, no hate!

Because I feel like it (I felt like it)
It’s not about you, it was all about me
In a world full of ego, just let me be
‘Cuz I feel like it

And now I’m far too old for this,
they say I shouldn’t try
Life has a funny way of tryin’ to say,
the world has passed us by
But here I go, before the show,
and just in case I die
I’m still alive when I still strive,
in case you wonder why

It’s ‘cuz I feel like it

I still have music coursing through my soul
Things to learn and things to show
Now you ought’a know it’s the only way to go
‘Cuz I feel like it

It’s not for greed or 15 seconds more of fame

If you keep on tryin’, you can do the same
Because you feel like it…if you feel like it

You may just wanna sit down
by the old mill stream
But if the world outside
makes you wanna scream
You can, if you feel like it

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