Bettin' On a Sure Thing

Inspired by a late night eatery in Toronto which always had an eclectic mix of diners but placed in the nasty side of Vancouver’s Hastings Street, it’s an imaginary tale about our hero who tries to rescue a damsel from herself and her willingness to “settle’ out of desperation…Using gambling metaphors, it really poses the question, Can you expect to find your soul-mate in a club or on-line?.

Bettin' On A Sure Thing
(Frank Ludwig)
4:11 min

You were sittin’ lonely
down at Lucky’s on Hastings
You had so much to drink,
You didn’t think of the time you been wasting.
Now you try to tell me this is the place to be
To find the man of your dreams,
it’s just a fantasy
I’m tellin’ you now you better come with me
If you want a lovin’ man, mamma now

You better come with me
This ain’t the place to be
Come with me, you’d be bettin’ on a sure thing
(Bettin’ on a sure thing)

You’ve been losin’ at the track
And you’d like to get back to some winning’
But lady luck ain’t no lady
And lately she’s had your head spinnin’
You been starin’ at the deck so hopelessly
No more tricks, up your sleeve
I’m tellin’ you know you better come with me
If you want a lovin’ man, mamma now

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